Big things often have small beginnings.

Our products are just that good, that you’ll have more than one. Located in Lake Mary, Florida, about 15 minutes from downtown Orlando, is where The Tipsy Cookie calls home. We are a small, batch bakery and baking dozens of cookies every day. What’s unique about us is that we have over 65 flavors and each recipe is an original! The Tipsy Cookie is a small, Black and woman owned business, which includes a small, dedicated team of like-minded dreamers, doers, believers, and thinkers.

Audrey, the Owner and Founder, started her cookie business in 2015 selling at local farmer’s markets, festivals, and events. She quickly realized that she had a niche market with her products. Her cookies were different than others. Not only are they delicious, but they are infused with alcohol.

Many people would ask her “what made you come up with this idea?” She was inspired to start this business trying to find a way to sneak having alcohol around her parents! She developed every since recipe, testing out various brands and types of alcohol, wine, beer, and more in her products. She discovered that there was definitely a science to her entire process. When she began getting interest from large chain restaurants and businesses to have the products, she knew she was on to something.

Along the way, Audrey’s dream and goal was not only to do what she loves to do, but she also had the desire to help others through her business. She has mentored several college students and adults that have the same desire to start their own small businesses, provided monthly donations, created a Cheers for Charity division, and more!